Mental health services near me.

The way we search for information is changing.  The phrase above is one of the most common search terms used by people looking to access therapy; I can understand the impulse.  If you’re searching for a mental health service you may feeling that finding something ‘near me’ is a helpful thing. While this may return some results, it’s not a particularly helpful search term.  In my past life I was an information management specialist, and I can tell you that the better you design your search term, the more helpful your results will be.

What are you actually looking for?

Consider if you’re looking for a therapist or an organisation.  Are you looking for a specialist service or a NHS funded body? If you’re looking for a private therapist it is useful to consider that while most mental health professionals ‘can’ work with most presenting issues, it can be much better to find someone who actually specialises in working with the specific problem you’re facing.

Most people don’t know the difference between different forms of therapy or even if a form of therapy can be effective for your particular circumstance. The NHS recommends CBT, and while it is a effective tool, it doesn’t work for everyone.   Some people may prefer a counselling or psychotherapy approach which involves a long-term commitment to therapy. Others may be looking for short, solution focused therapy. I believe the best therapy is client-lead.  Being able to be flexible and draw upon a range of different therapies, techniques and approaches means that you get the best outcome.

In most cases what matters most is the relationship you have with the therapist you choose. This is a major reason why using the search term ‘mental health services near me’ is not the best idea.  When looking for a mental health therapist I strongly recommend that you arrange to speak to a number of different therapists. When you are talking to them don’t be afraid to ask questions and get to know them.  Ask them if they’ve worked with someone with a similar problem before. Ask them how they approach the therapeutic process. See if you feel comfortable and if they are open and helpful in their answers.

Don’t get locked in by location.

While it can be important to find a therapist or service that’s in your general area, or at least easy to get to, consider if that’s actually the most important thing to you.  I work with clients from all over London and remotely from the world, not because I’m near them but because I specialise in helping people like them.

Consider what’s most important to you and then construct a search term that reflects it.  If you think we might be a good therapeutic fit I’m happy to have a chat. Just click on the link to schedule a call at a time which suits you.