Navigating Life’s Twists: Unraveling Childhood Survival Strategies for a Fuller Adulthood

Life’s a journey with some unexpected turns, right? Turns out, the survival strategies we picked up as kids can become these sneaky stumbling blocks in adulthood. Defensive behaviours, born from [...]

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Chronic pain treatment – let’s end the internal fight

Chronic pain sucks. Research published in the British Medical Journal in 2016 revealed that almost half of all people in the UK live with chronic pain, with rates of [...]

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Face coverings are mandatory in the UK: Here’s how to get comfortable with wearing them

The idea of wearing a face covering has become intensely polarised, bringing yet more fractured arguing and dissension into a situation where frankly, there’s already enough. The science around [...]

Why ‘mental health services near me’ won’t find you a good therapist

Mental health services near me. The way we search for information is changing.  The phrase above is one of the most common search terms used by people looking to [...]

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