Very clever, skilled and easy to listen to Hypnotherapist.

Usually being that I am a Hypnotherapist myself I find it hard to try sessions with anyone as I pick it apart as it’s happening.

Abbeys’ confidence and calm approach made it easy to just think “Ok, I’m just going to relax and go with it”.

Abbey took me through a session with a specific intention and it was really cool.
I learnt some valuable things about my habits and where they came from. And I saw some old events with ‘new’ eyes that allowed me to get a new perspective and a sense of forgiveness on some important issues.

Thanks Abbey.

– Lance, UK

Abbey has a really kind and gentle manner. I felt really safe talking to her and she really listened to me. She made really tough conversations easy and I laughed a lot which I wasn’t expecting. I’m looking forward to working with her again

– David, UK

The therapy I had with Abbey was so helpful…such a kind manner and made me feel relaxed and able to talk about anything, very empathetic and made me feel comfortable. Takes a lot to make me relax and with Abbey I felt relaxed at each session. Highly recommended. Thank you.

– Gemma, UK

Abbey has helped me through one of the toughest parts of my life.
Having CPTSD and CFS is extremely challenging, finding a well trained therapist who understands both of these has been an absolute godsend!

Having been trained in hypnotherapy myself I have been very impressed with Abbey’s skills and approach to helping me.
Her gentle, friendly manner set me at ease from session one and I can honestly say I would not be as well as I am now had it not been for my sessions with Abbey over the last couple of months.
I had an extremely traumatic two years leading up to seeing Abbey and my hyper vigilance, anxiety and depression was extremely high.
Now I am sleeping better, much less stressed and on my way to recovery.

I cannot recommend Abbey highly enough and am so grateful for my time with her!
This lady really knows her stuff

– Danielle, Aus

I recently had several hypnotherapy session with Abbey as I was struggling with PTSD symptoms. Within a month I was no longer experiencing night terrors or anxiety during the day. I would highly recommend Abbey to anyone seeking assistance. She is wonderful, very sweet, caring, and incredibly professional.

– Michelle, USA.

I am very happy to write a few words of commendation for Abbey, with whom I had 4 sessions of hynotherapy and 4 sessions of coaching in late 2017. I came to Abbey at a time when I was feeling stuck and making ultra slow progress on my goals.

I very much enjoyed working with Abbey and got a lot out of both the hynotherapy and coaching sessions. I experienced Abbey as caring, compassionate and supportive therapist and coach. She is a great listener and great at pulling out the precise tools needed to address the issues facing the client. Abbey supported me to come up with creative and exciting solutions that I couldn’t find on my own.

I always felt energised by the end of our sessions and eager to go away to implement my plans. Indeed, I was able to complete the first draft of the novel project on which I was working.

I’m very grateful for Abbey’s support and wish her all the best for her hypnotherapy and coaching practice.

– Appiah, UK