Staying healthy in a post-Coronavirus world

I’ve written before about the negative effects of stress on our mental and physical health as well as using meditation for stress reduction. In the UK 75% of people reported being so stressed that the couldn’t cope in the last year. That’s before any of the stress provoking events that have been plaguing us for the last several months – and definitely before the threat of Coronavirus looked large enough for most people to worry about.

Are you one of those people who is struggling to cope?

Stress manifests in many different ways. Perhaps you’re having trouble sleeping, you aren’t concentrating on conversations because you’re busy focusing on intrusive thoughts. Or maybe your just not feeling like you’re enjoying life because you have so many things to juggle. Perhaps you’re worried about having to self-isolate, already feeling like you’re isolated enough. While it’s important to take action to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we need to find ways to minimise stress.  If we are stressed and anxious, having used up our internal reserves we are more likely to contract the virus, and more likely to experience more severe symptoms.

Meditation for stress reduction

As a community service, I’m offering free 20 – 30 minute online meditation and mindfulness sessions regularly throughout this time period.  The software used to run these sessions is free and easy to download and set up.  To join these sessions, please download and install Zoom.

You can find out more about the dates and times of the sessions by connecting with me on Facebook.

You might be wondering if meditation or mindfulness is for you? This is a great way to experience what it’s like and find out if it works for you.  We will explore different techniques and ways of meditating, there’s no need to sit in a particular way or pressure to stay for the whole time. This is simply an invitation to come and join with others and take a break, finding peace in the present moment.

If you’d like to experience what these meditation sessions might be like, here is a recording of one of our sessions.