mental health expertAs I’ve progressed through my career as a therapist and trainer, I’ve been approached and asked to write guest blogs or provide expert commentary for a range of publications.  The following is a (non exhaustive) list of the mental health news articles I’ve written and the publications that I’ve been interviewed by. If you are a journalist who is looking for an expert comment on a mental health topic, please feel free to get in touch. If you’d like to read articles on mental health that I’ve published on this site, you can do that by reading my blog.


Mental Health News Articles

How To Love Your Body With a Chronic Illness – (December 2020) Happiful Magazine

I’ve Moved 4 Times In 4 Months During A Pandemic & I Nearly Fell Apart – (December 2020) – Refinery29

Why Everyone Should Have a Therapist – (June 2020) –

5 Mental Health Lessons We’ve Learned in Lockdown – (June 2020) Happiful Magazine

During lockdown I’ve really learned the value of slowing down and making sure that I have a healthy work/life balance. In this article, I chat to Kathryn Wheeler about what I’ve learned.

Avoiding Burnout As We Come Out Of Lockdown (May 2020) – Underpinned

Would You Let a Stranger Hypnotise You Over Zoom? (May 2020) – The Daily Mail

I was approached by a journalist who was struggling to with insomnia exacerbated by the stresses of lockdown. This article is a really great description of what a session with me online might be like (dolphins may or may not be included!).

How to Cope with a Fear of Leaving Lockdown (May 2020) –

This article explains the fears and worries that many people may experience as the UK starts to move out of coronavirus lockdown.

Panic attacks and sleepless nights: how coronavirus is affecting your mental health and what you can do about it (March 2020) – The Telegraph

The author of this article, Lauren Libbert began experiencing high levels of anxiety shortly after the coronavirus lockdown was announced in the UK.  The article features some useful tips on how to effectively manage anxiety and ways to reframe unhelpful thoughts and beliefs.


Guest Blogs

The Importance of Kindness to Mental Health (May 2020) – Uplifting and Inspiring Content

A guest blog written by me to commemorate Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, the theme of which was kindness.

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week (May 2020) –

This article was a guest blog post for Shutterbaby Baby and Child Photography about the shockingly high incidence of maternal mental health issues in the UK and what we can do to help new parents better manage any mental health struggles.

A good bedtime routine for adults (Feb 2019) – The Deep Sleep Co.


Expert Commentary

Clinical hypnotherapy: an increasingly popular treatment modality (December 2018) – Health Times

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