We all know that smoking isn’t good for us, yet many people still continue to smoke.  Others struggle to quit, finding it more difficult than they’d imagined to stop the habit once and for all.  As a way of supporting the Stoptober campaign I have created a recording designed to help people stop smoking with hypnosis – for free!

Please only listen to this recording in a place that it is safe to do so.  Listening may cause you to feel drowsy, please do not operate machinery or drive while listening to the recording.

There are lots of reasons to quit smoking and everyone will have reasons which are personal to them.  Within days of quitting you will realise that you’re saving money.  Not too long after that you’ll begin to notice that you’re feeling healthier.  Perhaps you’ll notice that you have peace of mind knowing that you’re making a choice to stay healthier for their family.The stats say that if you make sure that you have a plan and adequate support you’ll be 5 times more likely to be successful.  5 Times! With that in mind, here are some tips to help you succeed.

Tips and tricks to help you stay on track

  • Get really clear on your reasons for quitting.  Like I wrote above, the reason that will motivate you will be different to everyone else.  Spend some time thinking what the benefits are, get really clear on what it is that you’ll gain.  Write it down!  If you have a moment where you start to wonder why you’re doing this, then you’ve got the list of reasons to refer back to.
  • Make a plan. Everyone knows that having a plan greatly increases your chances of success in just about any endeavour.  Pick a date that you’re going to quit and stick to it.  Think ahead to times that you might find difficult and work out how you can make them easier.  Perhaps it might be best to avoid Friday night drinks at the pub for a week or two until you feel confident that you can say no.
  • Know yourself. Identify when you smoke and what your triggers are.  Cravings tend to last about 5 minutes.  Have a think about what you can do to distract yourself for those 5 minutes.  Going for a quick walk or having a drink of water works for many people.
  • Enlist some support.  Tell your friends and family that you’re planning to quit and ask for their support.  Research shows that by making yourself accountable to others you’re more likely to achieve your goals.  Better yet, you could get them to quit along with you!
  • Drink more water. Certain food and drinks enhance the taste of cigarettes and make them more pleasurable to smoke.  Water is a neutral beverage and won’t make you crave a cigarette.  Plus it will help you flush out those toxins!

Did you know that hypnotherapy is an extremely effective smoking cessation tool?

Hypnotherapy has one of the highest success rates of all smoking cessation techniques.  Many people are quite sceptical that a session of hypnotherapy can help. But after only one session a significant number of people stop smoking, for good.  We will work together to identify your triggers and habitual smoking patterns.  Look for alternatives and help you communicate with your unconscious mind that it’s time to do things differently.

When you leave you’ll know that you could smoke, if you wanted to.  However, you’ll realise that you just don’t want to anymore.  And that’s a wonderful feeling.

I’m running a special offer for the month of October – A 2 hour session of tailored smoking cessation hypnosis plus recordings will only cost you £200 (regular price £300).  For more information or to book in contact me.